How often should I redesign my website to attract customers?

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This is a question that I often get from Vebinary’s clients. One rule of thumb that was once followed in the industry is 2 years, these days some businesses redesign their website once a year. The first question you need to ask is, are you getting the results you are expecting from your website? If […]

What is a Blog?

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oh well! you’re reading one right now…so lets see a little history about what everyone is referring to as a blog and how is it going to help my business? There were many other ways people could communicate online before blogs came into picture, such as chronicles, diaries, email lists, bulletin board systems etc. When […]

Why would my business need a Website?

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Top 15 reasons… 1. To provide basic information that establishes credibility and trust – having your own company domain gives an impression that you mean serious business besides statistics suggest that 68% of web users in the United States shop online (Courtsey: IntelliQuest) 2. Opinions show that the first thing savvy online users do these […]

What is Cyber Monday?

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According to Wikipedia, Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday. Most of us know Black Friday, which is the day immediately following Thanksgiving day which for many retailers is the kickoff of the Christmas shopping season. Stores open incredibly early and offer deep discounts and savings for the first […]

Welcome to Vebinary blogs!

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This is my first blog post for Vebinary Solutions. This blog aims at helping businesses take the next step into cyberspace. I hope my blogs would help our clients and followers educate themselves of the nuances of the ever changing technology landscape. I’m going to try and keep my posts as general as possible and […]

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