What is Cyber Monday?

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According to Wikipedia, Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday. Most of us know Black Friday, which is the day immediately following Thanksgiving day which for many retailers is the kickoff of the Christmas shopping season. Stores open incredibly early and offer deep discounts and savings for the first few customers.

The incredible success of Black Friday prompted some of the online retailers to not miss out on their share of sales. So Cyber Monday has become the Christmas kickoff for online retailers and shoppers. After Thanksgiving festivities, many people spend part of the following Monday ordering gifts online. As the years go by, the Cyber Monday phenomenon seems to grow stronger and stronger. Today, there are only a limited number of online retailers enjoying the Cyber Monday mehem but it is projected that more and more retailers would start selling their merchandize online. Walmart, for example is promoting their e-commerce website to cater to the online shoppers.

Cyber Monday 2009 Courtesy: Mashable & Coremetrics

Coremetrics, an online analytics firm has tracked the 2009 Cyber Monday online traffic and have come up with some interesting information to put things in perspective. This information is from Mashable’s blog by Adam Ostrow.

Sales for this year’s Cyber Monday beat last year by 13.7 percent. Moreover, it appears that Black Friday deals moving online hasn’t taken much thunder away from the year’s busiest online shopping day –- sales yesterday topped this year’s Black Friday by 24.1 percent. The average dollar amount consumers spent per online order rose 38.2 percent from Cyber Monday 2008 ($180.03 versus $130.24), led by apparel retailers. Consumers bought nearly 10 percent more items per order on Cyber Monday 2009 compared to Black Friday 2009 and nearly 30 percent more compared to Cyber Monday 2008. Consumer shopping hit its peak from 9-10 a.m. PST, but maintained stronger momentum throughout the day than on Cyber Monday 2008.

I urge our esteemed readers to consider an e-commerce website to sell their merchandize online apart from their traditional brick & mortor stores and not miss out on the sales they could generate online.

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