What is a Blog?

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oh well! you’re reading one right now…so lets see a little history about what everyone is referring to as a blog and how is it going to help my business?
There were many other ways people could communicate online before blogs came into picture, such as chronicles, diaries, email lists, bulletin board systems etc. When the Internet became more mature, users wanted a way to communicate with people all over the world. The actual word, “blog”, comes from the term web log, which was eventually shortened to its new term. 1990s saw blogs getting more importance. With companies such as Google entering the blog space, blogs are accessible to anyone who wants to journal their ideas.

In the early 1990s, blogs were mainly online diaries of people. Others could comment on the blog, and therefore communicate. Now there are countless different kinds of blogs. They are still those who use it as a digital journal, but there are also corporate blogs, marketing blogs, topic-specific blogs, private blogs, and even blogs that are simply blog search engines!

Off late social media gurus have come up with many ideas to make your blogs speak for your product or service that you’d like to market. Experts suggest blogs are a great way to reach their customers withour spamming them with emails. Some companies offer promotions for their products through their blogs. Interested subscribers would be the lucky ones to receive such promos. Vebinary helps setup such blogs for businesses and the folks that run them. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss more about this new concept in marketing.

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