How often should I redesign my website to attract customers?

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This is a question that I often get from Vebinary’s clients. One rule of thumb that was once followed in the industry is 2 years, these days some businesses redesign their website once a year.

The first question you need to ask is, are you getting the results you are expecting from your website? If you say yes, then you might want to look at some ways to incrementally improve your website by making your content more dynamic and removing outdated content. Consider adding new content such as promotions, products, services, accomplishments etc you may have recently added to your business. If your current search engine optimization is not effective consider a change in the technology that lies underneath your site to optimize your search ranking.

If you are not getting good results from your current site, it may be time to do an in-depth analysis and see if you just need to improve the quality of content you are already providing, or completely redesign your website as a total overhaul. Reviewing the quality of your site every year should be your goal. Once you review your site situation you could then make an educated decision on whether you need a redesign or not.

The second question you should ask yourself is, how busy is my site? If you have a lot of repeat customers and they engage with your site three or more times a week then they may be getting bored with the look and feel of your site. However you do need to remember that people are not very happy about change either. You need to be very careful about how you change your site during a redesign. if you have an established navigation and your users are very familiar with it, this may not be something you might want to play around with. User experience experts say making fundamental and radical changes to a popular website is not something one should take lightly. Talking with a company like Vebinary about what elements on your site might be popular and which ones are not will help you make a good decision on how to redo your website without losing a bunch of your clients.

Good communication with your web design company is the key. A good review of your site and its different statistics keeping your business’ goals in mind would yield great results.

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