How to obtain government contracts by enhancing your current website?

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Here are some tips that might help businesses enhance their website to be more attractive to government contracts. Having said that, I think these tips are for any corporate website. I encourage companies to consider revamping their website if it has been a while since they worked on it. It would not only help you have the latest content but also help in SEO.

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1. Hire A Good Writer and Editor

With technology advancing rapidly around the globe, websites have become the new “face” of businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to invest adequate time and funds into the design and content of your website. One of the first things you will want to do is to hire knowledgeable writers and a strong editor. While the design of your website will make an initial impression on prospective clients, it is the content that will draw clients in and ultimately make the sale.

2. Make your “About Us” Page Memorable

Make sure your “About Us” page content is unique to your company. Your content should be clearly written and reflective of your mission, vision, and goals. No one wants to read “fluff,” so make every word count by keeping your content succinct, informative, and engaging. Here are a few sections your “About Us” page should have:

Company Description
Mission Statement
Team Bios
Small Business Certifications (i.e. Woman Owned, Minority Owned)

3. Make Your “Products and Services” Page Enticing

Put some thought into the products and/or services your company will provide. Your “Products and Services” page should highlight the things that separate your company from other companies.

What makes your company better than the competition? What do you offer that is unique and needed? Rather than offering and listing every product and/or service possible, find your niche and aggressively market it.

4. Make Your “Contact Us” Page Straightforward

How will potential customers, partners, and employees reach you? Your “Contact Us” page should provide website visitors multiple ways to easily contact you, including:

Mailing Address
Company phone number
Company Fax
Social Networks (i.e. Linked In, Twitter)

5. Include Product and/or Service Codes

If you are eying government contracts, depending on your products and/or services, there are different classification codes that you may need to display. These codes are very important to potential customers and should be displayed prominently on your website. The following sites offer examples of classification codes as well as ways to locate the codes that apply to your business:

Government Contracting Codes

6. List Past and Current Customers

In order to win government contracts you must be able to demonstrate past performance. Past performance means that you have successfully done business with customers in the past. When you bid on a contract this is a must. You don’t have to list every previous customer, but it is important to include major projects or buyers. Moreover, try to include customers from different areas of government to show your scope.

7. Maintain Consistent Design

Many successful government contractors have poorly designed websites, so obviously this isn’t a requirement. However, at a minimum, you should ensure your design choices are consistent across all your business materials–including your business cards, letterhead, marketing materials, and website. In today’s world, your website will most likely provide potential customers or partners with a first impression of your company. Therefore, it is essential to have a good web designer or developer that develops your site. Vebinary provides both those services at very nominal rates.

8. Choose a Good Content Management System if you have content that changes regularly

A content management system is a framework that allows you to edit your website content without having to write code. With a CMS, you will not have to pay a web developer for every change you make to your content. One of the most popular CMS out there is WordPress.

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