Bluetooth Smart Technology

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What is it? oh! is it the stuff that lets my remote ear piece communicate with my smart phone? It is indeed! Bluetooth technology has come a long way from just connecting your ear piece to your Bluetooth enabled smart phone. Bluetooth is today being used as a communication protocol on a variety of sophisticated applications.


The industry has taken Bluetooth technology to the next level by introducing what is called Bluetooth Smart Technology. Vebinary is also working on several such applications using Bluetooth Smart or more commonly known as Bluetooth Low Energy as we speak. Bluetooth Low Energy is the more power friendly version of the Bluetooth protocol. While the power-efficiency of Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart makes it perfect for devices needing to run off a tiny battery for long periods, the magic of this technology is its ability to work with an application on the smart phone or tablet you already own.

I will talk about another industry terminology in my next blog called Internet of Things, commonly known as ‘IoT’. Classic Bluetooth or the older brother of Bluetooth Smart provided the means for device communication and manufacturers built hub devices like PCs, smartphones, cars and tablets to take advantage of these connections. Now, because of Bluetooth Smart, the world is exploding with an incredible array of devices connecting to these hubs. A projected 30 billion devices will enter into the IoT ecosystem by 2020. Analyst firms all over the world recognize Bluetooth Smart as a key enabler in the Internet of Things.

Vebinary plans to be right in the thick of this technology and is coming up with an array of products in this space. Stay tuned for some new and exciting product launches in the coming months.

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