Bluetooth Smart Technology

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What is it? oh! is it the stuff that lets my remote ear piece communicate with my smart phone? It is indeed! Bluetooth technology has come a long way from just connecting your ear piece to your Bluetooth enabled smart phone. Bluetooth is today being used as a communication protocol on a variety of sophisticated […]

RFID who?

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The term RFID is being thrown around a lot these days and I thought I shall make this concept a bit easier to understand for the non-techies visiting this blog. RFID – Radio Frequency Identification Long checkout lines at the grocery store used to beĀ one of the biggest complaints about the shopping experience. We are […]

New Kiosk Launch: Stay tuned for more updates…

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Successfully developed from scratch all components and the software to go with it and launched a coooool looking parking Kiosk for a customer in the parking industry. Stay tuned for pictures from the launch. Here is a version that was work in progress at the time this picture was taken.

There is always someone that will be willing to do it cheaper but at what cost?

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You get what you pay for…  

Vebinary into building kiosks

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Vebinary has partnerd with a big name parking company to build parking kiosks. To build such kiosks requires a lot of skilled resources that Vebinary has been successful at recruiting top talent in this area to come up with such cool kiosks. We can’t wait to see the first version roll out to the field. […]

Do your business need a mobile app?

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I came across this article and thought it was interesting. It identifies why you need or not need a mobile app. Enjoy! Why does your company need a mobile app?

Why should you worry about your web application security?

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At a time when identity theft is a common concern, protecting the personal information of anyone visiting your Web site is something that every business should be thinking about. While legislation may vary from state to state in terms of how much you’re required to do to protect your customers’ personal information, putting measures in […]

How to obtain government contracts by enhancing your current website?

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Here are some tips that might help businesses enhance their website to be more attractive to government contracts. Having said that, I think these tips are for any corporate website. I encourage companies to consider revamping their website if it has been a while since they worked on it. It would not only help you […]

50 Essential Chrome Tips

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I came across this great post from David Nield on the 50 essential tips on using the Chrome browser. I hope Chrome users like it. Below is the link to the article but in case the link goes inactive I have reproduced David’s article. Thank you David for such an awesome compilation. Link to the […]

4 ways get customer feedback online

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I came across a really nice article on Mashable that I’d like to share with my readers. These are simple things yet go a long way in building brand loyalty. Online feedback has become sort of a must have for every budding company that wishes to get their customer’s feedback and act on it. Read […]

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